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Tether Tools Studio Vu Monitor Bracket

Tether Tools Studio Vu Monitor Bracket 

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The Perfect Vu


The Studio Vu monitor bracket enhances photographers and videographers capabilities by providing a streamlined way to mount large monitors, iMacs or Cinema Displays to studio stands utilizing the standard 5/8"(16mm) Baby Pin found on common studio support equipment allowing for easy integration into any set-up.

4 Ways to Use the Vu Monitor Mount System

The Studio Vu's easy and portable set-up is engineered for in-studio or location tethered image or video display as well as educational forums, tradeshow visual displays and weddings/events where video and slideshow playback is needed.  Ideal for still photography, LiveView or HD video/slideshow playback.

The Studio Vu mounts directly on any 5/8” (16mm) Baby Pin so it's easy to use with any existing roller stand, c-stand, arm or clamp (compare Vu Monitor Mounts).  Use a roller stand to reposition monitors as shooting angles and conditions change.  The Studio Vu features dual 5/8” receptors for easy rotation of the monitor from landscape to portrait depending on current needs.

Easily connect any VESA compliant 75x75 or 100x100 monitor directly to the Studio Vu.  For larger monitors, specialized VESA Vu 200x200, 200x400, and Universal adapter plates (sold separately) have been created to meet just about any monitor's specifications.  If you plan to mount an Apple iMac and/or a Cinema Display a special adapter plate is required.  Available at

Made in the U.S.A, the Studio Vu is designed to provide unmatched stability and security.  Completely machined with the highest grade aerospace aluminum for increased strength and durability, the Studio Vu holds monitors up to 80lbs (36.5kg)* and comes with our Lifetime Warranty.  While mounted on a stand, the monitor can be tilted ±90° to achieve the perfect viewing angle every time.  Transporting the display is just as simple; the Studio Vu folds flat against the display, locking into position, for condensed packing and shipping.

When in use, the integrated TruVu Technology enables a true lock so there is no monitor sagging or movement.  Many brackets rely on friction and over-tightening of knobs to hold monitors in place, which may cause sagging or small movements over time.  Unlike traditional designs, the Studio Vu utilizes TruVu Technology, a locking system which, once set, prevents any movement or sagging of the display; thus achieving precise results and peace of mind when mounting equipment.

Product Specifications

  • Maximum Capacity - 80lbs (36.5kg)*
  • Attach to 5/8"(16mm) Baby Pin found on grip stands, arms & clamps
  • VESA compatible with 75x75mm & 100x100mm monitors (Vu adapters available for other configurations)
  • Made of aerospace aluminum
  • Non-reflective black finish
  • Monitor tilt ±90°
  • Monitors can be easily rotated from landscape to portrait
  • Folds flat for easy transport
  • Locking TruVu technology eliminates monitor movement or sagging
  • Weight: 1.67lbs (.75kg); Depth: 7.4"( 19cm) (1.88" / 4.77cm when folded for transport)
  • For added security use of a sandbag is recommended
  • Made in the USA
  • Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty

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Tether Tools Studio Vu Monitor Bracket

Tether Tools Studio Vu Monitor Bracket

Tether Tools Studio Vu Monitor Bracket 

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